As an adult, you are expected to enter situations with a certain composure. Hyperventilating or crying while getting your blood drawn is frowned upon, though many of us naturally have this reaction as someone is prodding our blood vessels, looking to extract the blood our body works so hard to make.

Veebot looks to make this a more efficient, accurate process for predictability and efficiency, which may possible quell the young and not so young when going in for a common blood drawing procedure. According to their website , 20-25% of phlebotomy procedures fail to draw blood on the first stick. That’s 20-25 out of every 100 procedures. Not very efficient.

Veebot’s team has developed a robotic devices with a viewing system that identifies and selects the best insertion site. Using lighting and ultrasound viewing techniques, once selected the machine can insert the needle. According to sources, the process takes about a minute.  A technician must still be present to oversee the procedure, so to assuage some fears  it will not just be you and a needle-sticking robot alone in a room together.