The retina is the eye’s camera lens, it is a vital thin layer which holds our photoreceptors, cells which receive light signals and communicate with the optic nerve to send these signals to the brain to process them as an image. With age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other visual degenerative diseases, the productivity and sensitivity of the the retina decreases, leading to blindness. This is devastating, to lose one’s vision is to lose touch with arguably the most important sense humans have in interacting with the world.

One amazing device which can help restore vision and is slated to be ready in 2015 is the Bio-Retina by Nano Retina, a bionic retinal implant which replaces the function of an existing, nonfunctional retina. The product is a small implantable chip which attaches to the retina and is powered by its own nanoelectrodes and photosensors. Once implanted, these photosensors help to communicate with the optic nerve to restore the flow of visual information to the brain. Implanted with a procedure which takes less than 30 minutes and requires only local anasthesia, the device is said to begin working instantaneously.  It is charged with an infrared beam from the specially designed eyeglasses which accompany the implant.

The device’s cost is planned to be $60,000. See the video below for details.