Anyone that has been witness to a person with Parkinson’s knows the debilitation that the physical effects of the disease can bring. As the disease progresses, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease  develop tremors, repetitive involuntary movements in the hands caused by declining circuitry between the brain and muscles. These tremors are not only physically uncomfortable, but make it extremely difficult to use the hands to perform regular gross and fine motor tasks such as eating, writing, grooming, and dressing. A type of tremor particularly characteristic to the disease is a “pill-rolling” tremor, a constant involuntary rubbing between the index finger and thumb as if one was rolling a pill..

Unfortunately, the physical manifestations of the neurological disease only worsen with time.

A brilliant product named GyroGlove, however, has been created to help offset the constant involuntary movements. Gyrogear has created a glove which uses gyrotonics to stabilize shaky hands by countering the force ‘instantaneously’ and ‘proportionately.” This is simple and amazing. Like a spinning top that wants to stay upright, the gyroscope within the glove works constantly to balance out the unnecessary movements of the tremors as they occur, stabilizing the hand.

Though the product has not yet launched, GyroGlove is certain to improve the life of those so handicapped by tremors. Those that are interested in volunteering to test the product or subscribing for updates should visit the site.