The evolution of powered wearables has been exciting to watch, evolving from clunky and with limited application to sleek and multipurpose. For those that have been following SRI‘s development of Superflex, there has been some wait to see the development of the soft wearable exosuit.

With the termination of Superflex and the acquisition of Lumo Bodytech by SRI comes the strength of the new SRI-sponsored company Seismic. Seismic is a new product which integrates technology from Superflex and movement-based algorithms from Lumo Bodytech to assist with human movement with a soft robotic exosuit.

For anyone along the aging population spectrum, powered wearable technology will provide independence and support to sustain daily activities and exercise. Thankfully due to progress in wearables, the appeal is growing to the mass market for application of common tasks.

The most appealing wearables are those that are easily integrated into a user’s life without many additional steps. Can a person integrate the wearable into their daily routine without thinking too much about activating or wearing the product? Passive integration is generally best.

The robotic design integrated into Seismic’s wearable gear facilitates easy enhancement of movement and activities. A person can simply slip on the gear, and activate the desired function. The gear complements the muscular activity which is the source of our movements.

For those following the evolution of wearables, Seismic provides a pathway to the integration of wearable robotic gear to improve everyday activity.  Movement and mobility mean independence, and for those that need a little extra assistance, this type of wearable will be a lifechanger.