In order to achieve and recreate anything in a higher function, you must always first understand the basics. The Mobot by Barobo does just this. It is a modular robot designed to help K-12 students understand not only how to control, but configure and program a basic robot. The different components easily connect to each other to help enhance creativity and innovation. The beauty of this is that it is basic and affordable, a teacher can easily purchase a unit for a classroom setting; an entire kit can be purchased for approximately 140 dollars.

There are some classroom experiences that stay with you and wet your interest for choices that you make later in life. For me these experiences were rooted in the sciences, especially labs in which we were given hands on exposure to topics of education. There is something about physically connecting to what you are learning; the tactile feedback not only appeals to kinesthetic learners, but allows someone such as a future engineer to see and experience the results of their labor.  A product such as this simple modular robot that allows such input and creativity will help fuel interest for future design and innovation.