It always seemed so far away that we would be able to control our environment with just our brains, but as our brains produce electrical signals, it was only a matter of time that these could be converted for use in technology. Muse by Interaxon is a brain-sensing headband which uses EEG’s to detect changes in brainwaves which are meant to convert to digital signals. This product features 6 sensors in the headband, and using a tablet or PC the changes in brainwaves can be monitored for mental acuity and relaxation exercises. In a time when our brains can easily fatigue from the constant multitasking and refreshing of our technology at hand, this is something that can prove very valuable to allow us to improve our concentration and get feedback should we lose our focus.

Future implications given on the website include controlling music, playing games, and changing home environments.

Home units can be pre-ordered now for $299. These headbands come in black or white, and include a Calm app and free basic software development kit.

Watch the video about the product below: